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2017-08-05 21:53:50 by nuscuba

pretty sure im done with music

i deleted fl studio and sold some of my equipment

i loved the creativity that came with songwriting but i truly dont think it was meant for me

well, we'll see


2015-09-07 21:35:59 by nuscuba

back to ableton again

i guess i just cant make up my mind

one of those days

2015-07-16 16:53:58 by nuscuba

its one of those days where you just have no inspiration.. i seem to be having these all too much. i really want to upload a song pretty soon but i'm not getting anywhere with writing :(

ableton and logic didnt cut it for me, so now i am settling in fl studio. also new computer with good specs. hope ii have some good ideas so i can put out some tunes


2015-04-26 21:31:42 by nuscuba

fml.... im trying as hard as i can but no matter how much buttons i press, music isn't happening.......

heheh... sorry....

2015-04-12 18:04:33 by nuscuba

i wish i could be uploading things and making stuff but my head is empty and i cant make music... sorry


2015-04-07 17:54:11 by nuscuba

this is my official webspace. i like a lot of music but mostly computer music

i use ableton live, and i hope i nail this thing called music before i die

Thanks for believing in me.